Nitin Gokarn , 4/47 Ramkrishna Nagar Khar Mumbai 400052
" November 1993 – it was a cold day in Mumbai and the sun was barely out from its horizon. My then two year old daughter Sheeka, got up and went into the verandah, climbed on the bed near the balcony which was opened by my father to allow light to come in , to read the newspaper. He was at the breakfast table and my daughter was alone outside trying to get a view of the outside garden from our second floor flat. I was in my meditation room while my wife Anita was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. My daughter by now reached the window sill and bent forward and lost her balance as more than 40 % of her body was hanging out. My meditation was disturbed .Maharaj gave me a view of the scene outside as if I was watching a movie and I was completely disturbed and got up from my meditation . When I went out to the balcony I missed a beat as it was the same scene ..!!

Immediately I caught my daughter and it was Maharaj who saved her from falling down by giving me a timely warning. The "upkaars " of Maharaj on me and my family are so many that I could even compile a book if Maharaj so desires !

Mrs Surekha Sarfare, Borivali
My son Amit was appearing for his Diploma in Engg exams and had the paper/practicals of Carpentry subject. I was on leave that day but was annoyed with Amit for not putting in enough effort in his preparations. I did not go to the balcony to wave him ( 11am ) on that day but, after he left I started feeling very guilty. Amit was to have returned at 3 pm but inspite of the clock striking half past three, since he was not back , my anxiety got the better of me. I was all along chanting " Om Namo Gajananaya ". As I waited anxiously, I saw a scantily dressed ragpicker enter my compound building . Soon there was a bell at the door and I ran and opened . The watchman was at the door – " Bai, aapke Amit ko accident hua hai , woh Bhagvati Hospital mein hain". I shouted at Him – "who told you ? " The watchman informed that the ragpicker gave the message. Soon , the neighbour opened the door to inform that Amit has telephoned and was on the line- I soon ran and Amit said – " I have called to tell you that I am at my friends place preparing for tomorrows paper."

I said " Don’t lie, I know you are in Bhagwati Hospital ."

Amit - " How do you know !! Who told you ? "

I said MY Maharaj came and told me !

Who could that scantily dressed ragpiacker be ? if not MY MAHARAJ ?

Shri Milind Waghmode, Tuljabhavani nagar , Chalisgaon, Dist.Jalgaon
A few days ago I went to Navjivan book depot in Chalisgaon to get some papers attested by Shri Hemant Joshi. Shri Joshi asked me to enroll my self as a member of Maharaj’s monthly magazine published from Nagpur - "Gananam ". I did not have enough money and was jobless for quite some time , hence spending Rs 120 for annual membership was beyond me.

But Mr Joshi did not give up – he asked me to become a member , pay whatever I could now, and pay the balance money after " you get a job." I paid Rs 40 and went away. And Lo ! within two months I landed a permanent job in a Government department. Ofcourse, I went and gave the first pedha to Shri Joshi . It is all because of the "leela " of maharaj.

Smt. Sumatibai Bapat of Nasik:- She is a Chatmatkar in herself
Devotees are aware of Sri Gajanan Vijay of Dasganu Maharaj - the biography of 21 chapters on Maharaj. Smt. Bapat recites each line, each verse without looking at the " pothi" non-stop at a stretch within 5-6 hours. She conducts such "pothi vaachan " programmes regularly and devotees recite along with her . Th Gajanan Maharaj sanskritic Mahamandal in Mahim has released a set of seven cassettes of Mrs. Bapat reciting the pothi in her inimitable and melodious voice.
Shri Chandrashekhar Varhadpande of Reshim Baug, Nagpur
" We were once travelling to Mumbai to attend Meena Mangeshkar's wedding. Travelling with me were my friend's wife Manda and her son. The train left at six pm for Shegaon. As usual, I used to carry tiffin while travelling and would not partake of it till I offered to a beggar who is sighted at Shegaon Station.

As the train approached Wardha Manda was feeling hungry and requested me to partake food so that she could also eat . I told her that she could start eating the food but I would not eat till I offer the food to any beggar at Shegaon stn. Gajanan Maharaj appears in any form , even in the form of a beggar and may take the food / naivedya. Those accompanying me felt that this was my blind faith and ridiculed me.It was abot 10.45 pm , when the train touched Shegaon and our compartment was almost beyond the platform. The train normally halts here for not more than 2-3 minutes . It was pitch dark and I could not find any soul - only the TC was visible. I was disheartened as my fellow travellers would tease me.In addition, some of them had offered me some coins just to test my faith . I got down praying hoping to see some beggar but what I noticed was smoke between two compartments . As I approached the smoke, a person in a ragged tunic with " Khadavas " and Chilim in his hand , dark in complexion was sighted. I cried in ecstacy " Good that I met you " and offered Him the food and a pedha which he ate. The garland which I carried was snatched by Him, and put it around his neck. He was also given all the coins collected . " Are you now satisfied ? " blessing me with His hand on my forehead . The TC also paid obeissance to the " beggar " . He said that Sri Gajanan Maharaj appears once in a way in the form of a beggar and you are lucky to got his " darshan" . The beggar disappeared instantly into the wilderness of the dark.

Shri Jaysingrao Jagdevrao Deshmukh Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
" In the year 1959, on the day of Hanuman Jayanti, I performed Satyanarayan Pooja in my house. As per the custom, I put one coin in the pot for the pooja. At that time my younger sister Suman was single and was staying with us. In the night, she saw a blind man in her dream. That blind man asked her for “prasad’. And she obliged. The man gave her one coin. On that night, our house was filled with a very peaceful fragrance. The next morning I went to pour the water from that pot into the holy basil. To my surprise, a silver coin fell into the basil from that pot. I also found a small packet lying near the picture of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Suman opened that packet and again a pleasant fragrance spread in our house. I am at a losss to describe the impact of that fragrance. We kept that oodi (holy ash) into a small box. On Thursday, after pooja and aarti, we opened that box, the box was completely filled with the oodi. This oodi was continuously getting filled into the box for 4 weeks. After four weeks it stopped. Later , Suman fell very ill. At 12 mid night, when she was sleeping, her hands were filled with ‘ Ash’. We were worried. But Maharaj told us in the dream that “It is not the oodi but it is the funeral ash. Keep it carefully. Then in 1960, a day before Gokulashtami, Suman saw Maharaj in her dream. Maharaj asked Suman to light his Chilim and Suman gave the fire for his Chilim. The next day, she did the pooja as it was Gokulashtami. She took that small box containing the oodi and the silver coin for pooja. She found that box a little heavy. So she opened it and was flabbergasted to see the idol of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. The idol was made of Panchadhatu. All of us were extremely happy to see that. Then she did the consecration and pooja of that idol. All these things are swayambhu (self-formed). Suman is still experiencing the sakshatkars and drishtantas. After one year the night before the day of Rishipanchami, Maharaj told Suman that ‘I am standing in the Ganges for you.’ In the morning she took the box for pooja and again found it heavy. On opening the box she saw that the box was filled with water upto the neck of that idol. We still have all these things at our place. At the end of May 1963, Maharaj came to our house.! At that time, Suman was alone at home. Our elder son-in-law entered the house and asked Suman to give him Rs. 5 saying that on the journey back from Nagpur, a pickpocket had robbed his money. Suman teased him a lot and offered him a cup of tea. He had it and went away. After that she also had a cup of tea. The tea was extremely fragrant. She kept it as it was. Then I came home. She asked me if I met the guest on the way. I told her that since I am returning from Murtijapur, I did not see the son-in-law . Suman then offered me the same tea. The tea was extremely fragrant. Later on we confirmed from our son-in-law that it was not he who came to our house on that particular day. And we were thrilled to realize that it was Shri Gajanan Maharaj who came to our house and accepted a cup of tea from Suman. When Suman was at Jamod at my younger sister’s (Mrs. Vimal Deshmukh’s) place, Maharaj told her in the dream that one snake is lying on the bed of your brother in law. Now you should protect him. Suman told Maharaj that when He was there then why should she worry? She immediately got up and went to Vimal’s room and told her about the dream. Vimal immediately asked her husband to get up and go in the next room. Then Vimal’s sister-in–law, removed the quilt and the bed sheet slowly. Then she took away the pillow and was shocked to see a very small silver legs and with the Paduka embossed on its’ surface. In front of that there was a lotus. All of us were really thrilled to know about this experience. Jai Gajanan
Shri Fulsing Damberao Dasphule Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
On April 2nd , 1970, I was walking towards Nagzari by a shortcut through the fields. The road was totally new to me. It was a a very dark night and I was the only person walking on that road. My speed was very fast. There were lot of small stones in between. And all of sudden, one small stone was hit by my shoe and that stone straight a way hit a snake. The snake got irritated and started chasing me. I got scared and started running. There was very little distance between the snake and me. I saw the mango tree and started climbing on it. I remembered Shri Gajanan Maharaj and started the namasmaran. I was in total panic. My body as shivering and in that anxiety, my hands slipped from the tree and I was about to fall down from the tree that somebody held my hands. I became alert. And looked down and saw Shri Gajanan Maharaj. I was very much excited to see that divine idol. I was then totally out of brearth.. I looked at the snake. The snake touched the feet of Shri Gajanan Maharaj and went away. When I came out of this situation, I saw nothing but the mango tree in front of me. I again started walking towards Nagzari. I reached Nagzar
Shri V. N. Bawankule Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
I am a resident of Nagpur. I stay with my family at Shankar Nagar Plot No. 98. I am the director of Sonia Typing Institute. We have a mango tree in our plot. The tree is very close to the water pump and is also close to our field. That tree had just started giving mangoes since last 5 – 6 years. The tree was getting enough water and fertilizers. It was really a beautiful tree. It was giving very sweet mangoes. The tree had a one more speciality that on ripening a small plant used to come out of the mangoes on the tree itself. The tree was very dear to us. In 1974, all of a sudden the tree started drying up. Within 4 –5 months after that the tree was totally dried and started sounding like a dry wood. All of us were very sad and disappointed. We tried hard to revive the tree again. I consulted with the best of the agricultural consultants and counselors but everybody asked us to totally cut the tree from its roots because it was totally dried up. I was not ready to cut that tree and was confident that the tree will revive again. Then we consulted this matter with a specialist from Nagpur . He told us that if the tree has caught the ants, there will no use of any fertilizer and you will have to cut the tree. The next day I observed the tree and was very disappointed to see that the tree was in the grip of of ants. The very next day, beneath the tree mother decided that if by the favour of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, the tree comes back to life , we will do the Satyanarayan Pooja in the name of Maharaj. This was the last thing that we tried to save that tree. The same night my mother saw in the dream that the delicate green leaves have started shooting out on the tree. In a very short period of time tender and delicate green leaves started shooting out on the tree. We were really very happy and thanked Shri Maharaj from the bottom of the heart. The tree gave two mangoes in a few days. It was because of Maharaj and his blessings and grace that the tree was revived again. Now that tree is giving lot of sweet mangoes. It was as if Pitambar Maharaj’s story happening again.
Shri T. N. Pathak Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
I was residing at Rohinikhed in Malakapur. For the last three generations our family is involved in Shri Gajanan Bhakti. From 1950 to 1960 my posting was in Bhusaval. Mr. Gajanan Joglekar, one of my colleagues was also residing over there. He was working as T. T. I. In Central Railway. His house was at a 5 minutes distance from our house. He was celebate and had an ascetic attitude. He neither had any enemy nor any close friend. He was known in the village as a loyal Gajanan devotee. He used to have a holy diet. The chief of Nagpur’s Yogashram, Shree Janardaan Swami introduced me to Mr. Joglekar. In a short span of time we became good friends. He started coming to our house occasionally. He was living only on potato, milk, curd, rice and sugar and had never tasted salty, oily, pungent or bitter food, tea or coffee. He used to spend some time in Namasmaran every evening. He used to have his food only after offering it to Shri Gajannan. Because of his loyal devotion and continuous Namasmaran, maharaj used to give him his holy darshan. He also got a divine vision. In public Mr. Joglekar used to behave like a simple man and never tried for any kind of publicity . He never used to talk about any of his experiences to anybody although sometimes he used to discuss about his experiences with me. We used to get very much involved in listening to his experiences . We were calling him Guruji. One fine evening he came to our house and we started talking about Shri Maharaj. Shri Gajanan Maharaj and spiritual matters were the only topics on which we used to discuss and talk. That day he told us that he Maharaj will be coming to meet him on Thursday. I also started feeling that even I should get the darshn of shri maharaj and told Guruji about it. Guruji said that, if you are lucky enough then you will definitely get his darshan. Guruji was supposed to go to Khandva (on duty) on Wednesday by Punjab mail. I did not want to miss the chance. So I decided that I will also go with him. Wednesday evening Shri Guruji left for his duty. I also went to station behind him. I took the ticket for Khandava. My eyes wrer totally on Guruji. But I did not want him to know about it. In the train I was following him in all the coaches. We reached Khandava at 2’ o’ clock in the night. As soon as the train stopped at the platform, I rushed out to get the return ticket and again started following Shri Guruji. Both of us got in in the train. We reached Bhusaval between 10 – 11 A.M. He was walking ahead of me. I reached home in a total disappointement because I did not get the holy darshan of shri Maharaj. I started my work. 6 o’clock in the evening Shri Guruji returned home. My office was just in front of my house. I saw Shri Guruji and stopped my work and went to his house. I told Guruji that maharaj did not come to meet you and told him the entire story since last night. Guruji looked at me and smiled. He said , ‘Mr. Pathak, Maharaj did come to meet me above that maharaj came to my house and had l;unch over here. My wife and I was surprised. Guruji started telling us the incidence. ‘ Today morning, I returned home from the duty at 11 A. M. As usual, I kept rice and potato for cooking and started namasmaran and was totally involved in that. After about 20 – 25 minutes, I heard the voice, “ Allakh Niranjan”. I looked at the door and saw a 6 – 6 and a half feet tall divine man standing on the road in front of my house. He was wearing a white plusfours, a white Kurta reaching right upto his feet., a white turban, anchorite’s coloured green garment on the shoulder, a long zoli in a left hand and a very thick stick in the right hand reaching right upto his shoulder. The left hand was touching his knees. He was wearing Khadava. His face was glowing with adivine brightness. Looking at me, he said, “Did you recognize me? Son, I am hungry, give me something to eat. Within a second, I realized that that divine man is my Shri Gajanan Maharaj and happily asked him to come in and told him “Maharaj, I was waiting for you since yesterday”. Shri Maharj came in. I offered him a seat. He kept his zoli, kahdava and stick aside and had a seat. Then I offered him the rice, potatoes, a cup of curd, a cup of milk and four bananas. He started having it. The way he was sitting was exactly the same way as Shri Mharaj used to sit. I served him almost all the rice and kept a mouthful of rice for me. He finished his lunch and washed his hands. I immediately offered him Re. 1.25 and bowed on his feet. Looking at the money, he said, “ what is this that you gave me? What would I do with this? I don’t need it. Keep it with yourself and tell me what do you want? Maharaj was talking in Hindi and I was talking in Marathi.I can understand Hindi but can not speak . As he asked me “ what do you want?”, I was overhelmed by his love and my eyes were brimmed tears of joy. I held his feet tightly and started crying. He was moving his hands over my back. He held me with his hands and said, “ Calm down dear son, don’t panic and just ask for whatever you want and you will get it.” I told him patiently, “ Maharaj, you are my well wisher. You only know what is good for me. Give me some such thing that you will never forget me. In every birth I should get the chance to do you seva.” Maharaj said, “ you donot have any attachment or attractions in this world. Nothing in thois world can tempt ypu. You have came out of the catacomb of metem psychosis. You don’t worry about anything . I am going now. Whenever you will remember me, I will come to you immediately.” Saying this Maharaj got up, took his stick, zoli, wore his khadavas and started walking. His left hand was on my shoulder. After going out, he looked at me. I followed him till the road. He took a turn and disappeared. I came home. I was in a pitiable situation. I was experiencing a heavenly happiness because of his divine darshan and was also experiencing sadness because of his going away. I spent some time just in sitting in front of his picture. In that picture, I saw the face of that divine idol who came to meet me. My mind was then stable. The hunger was totally disappeared. Just a mouthful of rice filled my stomach completely.” We were listening to Guruji. Our eyes were brimmed with tears. But I was also disappointed because I did not get the darshan of maharaj. But we got the darshan indirectly through guruji. We bowed on Guruji’s feet. The same night I got the dream and saw a similar divine person in the dream. His face was very pleasant and was looking like Maharaj. He was smiling at me and I bowed on his feet. All of a sudden I woke up. It was morning. I went to Guruji and told him about the dream. Guruji smiled and said “so you also got the darshan of Maharaj. That person can not be anyone else but Mharaj. I am wordless to describe the happiness that I experienced at that time.
Shri Dattatraya Karnik Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
We had a picture of Shri Ram – Lakshman that was photo-framed and placed in the bedroom in our erstwhile house at Dahanu. I was 14 – 15 years old at that time. My father was a SriRam Bhakta and every morning , before getting out of bed , used to remember Shri Ram and offer salutations to that picture. This was his regular practice. After my father’s demise, my brothers and I left Dahanu and went to different places in search of jobs. My elder brother was the last one to leave that house and he kept all the photo-frames in the drawing room of that house. This house was not opened for 10 years since . In 1970, I went to Shegaon with my family and brought a picture of Sri Gajanan Maharaj. I placed it in our house at Thane. Within a month, I got a very strange dream. I saw that the picture of SriRam and Laxman has fallen down on the floor in our Dahanu house. I saw that picture ( which I had totally forgotten) after so many years, that too in the dream. It made me realize that the dream was not just the dream but has got some significance. I told my wife about the dream. Then I went to office and the whole story just went out of my mind. Then everyday whenever I used to sit in my chair in the office, I used to feel that the picture of SriRam is there on my table. As the days passed by, I started realizing that Maharaj has only shown me that scene in the dream and definitely Maharaj wants to convey something about that particular picture. Finally I went to our house at Dahanu. I called some servants to clean up the house that was closed for last 10 years and also instructed them that should they find any picture, they should give it immediately to me. The servants started cleaning the house and got that picture in the drawing room. The servant immediately gave it to me. I took it with the shivering hands. Yet, I was extremely happy to see that picture intact but the frame was broken . I cleaned the picture. And the picture was as it looked 10 years agao . I brought it to my present house. Later on Maharaj inspired me to place his “Paduka ” in our house. He only guided me in making a small temple in our house. People take darshan of SriRam first and then that of Sri Gajanan Maharaj’s Paduka. After the consecration of Paduka in this temple, Maauli Shantaram bhau Jaywant came to my house. He said “ Anna, you have made it just like in Shegaon. The Gods will definitely stay over here happily.”
Shri Shri Chandrashekhar Varhadpande -
Reshim bag, Nagpur 9
Source : Janma Shatabdi Smaranika
1. In December 1948, I had been to Shegaon on Ekadashi I did the Parayan of Sri Gajanan Vijay Grantha. Shri Pundalik Baba Bhokre who was then living, was sitting near the shrine of Shri Maharaj. When I was standing there for Prasad. Pundalik Baba looked at me and said “ Nagzari is very close to this place . Gomajibaba stays over there. Go and take His Darshan. “ I did not know the way to Nagzari. I asked the people sitting at the north door of the temple. They showed me the direction. But while walking on the zig-zag path, I lost track of the direction and started walking parallel to the railway trck towards Jalamb (in opposite direction). After walking 1 – 2 miles, an old man called me. He was wearing only a loin cloth and had a stick in his hand and a slippers in the feet. I went to him . He said “you did the Parayan of Shri Gajanan Vijay Grantha? Give me the prasad. ” I took out some prasad from my bag and gave it to him and told him that I am going to Nagzari. The old man smiled and said “oh gentleman, Nagzari is not on this side but it is on the other side ” and showed me the way towards Nagzari. I started walking in that direction. I was walking ahead and that old man was following me. He asked me lot of things on the way. Just then one train passed by and I could not hear him. The train zoomed past and I turned behind. I was shocked not to see that man anymore. There was no one behind me. I again started walking and in few minutes I saw the dome of the temple. I enquired about it and came to know that that was Nagzari temple. I took the darshan of Shri Gomaji baba and stayed over there that night. In the night, I saw Maharaj in the dream. He asked me “so did you meet Gomaji baba?” No doubt, that the old man who guided me on the way was my Sadguru Sri Gajanan maharaj.

2. Later on when I went to Shegaon for vari, I met Shri Bapuna Kale – the great devotee of Sri Gajanan Maharaj who was the lucky one to see Maharaj in Vittala form . Just after taking his Darshan , a line came to my mind “Gajanan Pandharinath Ubha”. I spent a night in the Shegaon Math. I went to the Samadhi and worshipped Sadguru Maharaj. I told Him “ Maharaj, I wish to write something on your life. Give me an inspiration”. The same night, Maharaj gave me darshan in the dream. He said, “Dasganu in Pandharpur will give you an inspiration”. The next day, I went to Pandharpur. I met Shri Dasganu Maharaj. The moment I bowed down on his feet, Shri Dasganu maharaj said, “ You will write ‘Geet Gajanan’.” Then I named the collections of my poems as “Geet Gajanan” . They are very popular and are liked by many devotees.

Shri Milind Arghode - Liver Pool, Sydney - Australia
When I passed ssc exam June 82, I got very low marks, I didn't receive admission in any college for 11th standard in any discipline like ARTS, commerce or science, my parent gave up their hope, we are living in Dindayal nagar, Nagpur, the new suburb those days, one day that is end of august one man came from our village that is Belona, tah Narkhed, Dist Nagpur he never came before and never come again, actually he was looking for some address and saw our name plate and enter in our house and he told to my father your son can get admission in CP & Berar High School for year 11, just try there. We went other day and really I got admission for science, he was like Gajanan's avtar for us, my mother working in AG office and my father is auditor in state dept, they both are Gajanan's devotees. Then I finished graduation, PG in Akola in Agriculture, I used to go all the time to Shegaon whenever I used to get time from my studies. Only because of Gajanan Maharaj I stood first In my studies and got merit scholarships and National level fellowships during my studies. Now I am in Sydney, Australia working as software consultant. That was my turning point after finish SSC, if I couldn't get admission in 11th, my life was going to ruin completely only Gajanan maharaj and my parent's blessings saved me and now I am here on this level. I am thinking to do something for my people in my country in future.
Ms Vijaya V Patwardhan
This incident happened on 5 May 1995. My husband's youngest sister and her children and my nephew came to spend a few days with us. All of us retired to bed at about 11 p.m. A couple of feet away from my bedding, I had lit a " tortoise" mosquito coil. Within 10 minutes or so, of hitting the bed, I fell fast asleep. Maharaj came in my dreams and cautioned me saying " OOTH JAAGI HO " ( Get up, Wake up !) There was smoke all around the room . I carefully examined and observed that the cotton within the bedding has caught fire , since the mosquito coil gave way and fell on the bedding .I immediately poured water on the burning bedding, and put off the fire. I wondered later that, had Maharaj not woken me up , what may have happened ? From my childhood , I have been an ardent devotee of Sant Gajanan Maharaj since I grew up in Akola and visiting Shegaon was a routine affair. In 1966 , my husband fell critically ill and had become totally dependent on others for everything- walking, standing up , etc. This demoralised him . Further , being ill , he first lost his employment and consequently income . All our money got exhausted in treating him. He gave up the desire to live. But I had complete faith in Maharaj. I decided to read the pothi 21 times . After reading 3 chapters , I could see some improvement in my husband's health. He got up independently and came to hear the pothi while being read ! At the end of seventeen parayans , my husband had a dream in which he saw Ganesha idol beckoning him and waving His hand. When he opened his eyes, there was no idol. This dream was discussed with a neighbour who had some expertise in such matters. He declared that Gajanan Maharaj has blessed you and within 3 days, luck will smile on you in the form of money. Actually there was no chance of our getting money from any source. But as was predicted, on the third day we got Rs 500 from sale proceeds of some family property in the Konkan through a cousin. My husband asked me to perform and read the last pothi-parayan in Shegaon. I came to know that Pundalik Bhokre was in Shegaon that day and I went for seeking his blessings. When I met him, he told me straight away - " Your husband will get better from here on " . requested Pundalikji to visit our house during his visits to Mumbai for treatment. He consented and during a visit to our house, he made my husband sit up , adminstered holy ash (angaara) in milk and water and declared - " Maharaj has personally given you darshan and blessed you , there is no need to worry and He is always with you " . My husband has now fully recovered from his hopeless condition and has started working all over again !
Ms Meghana Vartak
I was travelling with my mother from Shegaon to Mumbai by Vidharbha express train . We had one RAC ticket and the other ticket was wait-listed and un-confirmed. We were not able to know the exact status since there is no computerised chart put up in Shegaon. We took Maharaj's name and boarded the train in Shegaon. The TTE was not traceable for us to verify our status. The RAC seat was fortunately vacant and I asked my mother to sleep and occupy that berth till the other passenger showed up in Malkapur .The other passenger was scheduled to board two stations later after Shegaon. My mother being elderly and ageing, needed the entire berth - but in a RAC seat this was difficult as the berth is shared with a co-passenger . I prayed to Maharaj anxiously, and slept between two berths on the floor with some newspapers . Within 10 minutes , I dozed off . In came Maharaj in my dreams ! He was dressed in the TTE uniform with a Black Suit and cap and asked me for my ticket and my mother' s ticket. In my dream itself , I showed the ticket to the T.T.E. i.e Maharaj as a T.T.E.. He confirmed my mother's ticket and said no one will show up on the other RAC seat so that your mother can comfortably sleep for the entire journey. ! She can sleep on that berth undisturbed ! When my sleep broke , it was 5.30 am and we had reached Kalyan Rly . station and we were entering Mumbai ! Maharaj, we fall short of words and actions to thank you !!
From Mirasut
I had just taken up a Head of department position in a new organisation in Oct 1995. Within months , I started facing non cooperation and obstacles from some of my deputies .One whose name was Joshi, was vying for my position . He provoked other three against me, and since I was quite strict , I did not find favour amongst the easy going and indisciplined staff. My predecessor was unable to control them and their activities continued unchecked till I joined. A year passed and in Sep-Oct 1996 , I was approached by Sant Gajanan Maharaj Mandir in Mahim to assist in getting advertisements for Diwali bumper issue. I was doing this as a sewa to Maharaj for 2 -3 years . In the new job too , I used my official contacts to collect advertisements - ofcourse without using coersion - but by making requests - and collected advertisements worth Rs.37,000. My secretary who saw those DDs photocopied them and four of my subordinates under the guidance of this Joshi , made a written complaint to the Management informing them of my misusing the official position . I was on tour to Ranchi and was totally unaware of what was happening behind the scenes . At the same time , my company was in the process of re-organization following a merger between two companies. Some employees were being retained while some were being eased out of their positions. On 20 th October 1996, my CEO summoned me and told me of the organizational plans in the merged company and my position as Head of the Department . At that time during deliberations regarding other team members he showed me the written complaint and I was stunned. I offered to resign if he felt I was dishonest. On the contrary, he said I must do nothing of this sort and informed me that in the new organization three out of these four notorious deputies were being asked to quit ! This is how Maharaj saved me from this difficult position and taught a lesson to these characters who were gunning for me. I not only got a promotion in the next year and with the grace of Maharaj but also got a company car with a Chauffeur. This is how Maharaj saved me !
Ms Sujata Naik (Nasik / Seattle)
1. I would like to share with u the experience of holy ashes "Angara" of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Few years back, there was a dog not a tamed one but he used to be there in our garden. Once he got very severe skin disease. The disease was so severe that he used to become very uneasy and run around. The skin all over his body was bleeding,his body hair
were gone, it was itchy, it was really very difficult to even look at the dog. The dog used to run around and sometimes get in our house. We tried to keep the dog out to avoid any harmful germs. One day as usual we made the dog move out and shut the collapsible door. but i was feeling very bad about the dog. I dont know how, why but I took Gajanan Maharaj Angara (which we get in Shegaon), and put just a pinch on the body of dog, and requested Gajanan Maharaj either to kill the dog and relieve the pain or make the dog alright. The dog ran off. And what a miracle, after sometime we all noticed that the dog's body had become dry and after somedays it was totally healed up. We all praised Gajanan Maharaj for his Agadh Leela. I know we have no powers,we have achieved nothing in spiritual life, we cant even do proper seva but our great Guru always treats us like HIS own child and protects us from time to time. Jai Gajanan!Gan gan ganat botey!

2. I wish to share another one of my experiences with you all. I have been worshipping Maharaj since a long time. I have some experiences where Gajanan Maharaj saved me from many calamities, difficulties etc. One of my experience is as follows. This is the experience long time back. My father, mother, sister, nephew and I were at Mulund Bus Stand waiting for Andheri bus. As we all know there was a lot a rush on the stand. My father had my nephew in one hand and a bag hanging in other hand. The bag had his
purse, unfortunately he kept a lot a money around Rs.6000 in the purse. Generally we dont
carry so much cash, but I dont know how he carried so much cash that day. Anyway, the bus arrived at the bus stand. We all were rushing to get inside. Three of us got inside and got the seats one behind the other. My sister reserved the seat for my father and my mother and myself were sitting behind. Suddenly my father also got in the bus but while getting inside he felt aa if someone was taking out his purse. He got in and handed my
nephew to my sister and said someone stole my purse and suddenly he rushed out of the bus and ran towards the road to see if he could see someone running. Just at that time there came a man dressed as usual in pant and shirt and sat on the seat beside my sister. Actually since the bus starts from the same stand some the seats were still vacant, he could have occupied that. But he sat near my sister. My sister quickly told him that someone
is sitting here u cant sit here, he then just looked behind at us and asked "Batwa kiska niche gira hai?" I heard this, I didnt even look at that person and ran towards the back door
of bus, climbed down the stairs and found that the purse was lying below the stairs! I
picked it up, my father was walking towards the bus. He saw that I picked the purse
and said that the person must have removed the money. But what a luck, not a single paise was stolen, everything was as it is. We were very happy to see that. Then we started looking for the man who came and sat beside my sister, informed about the purse......but he was no where! The bus starts from the same stop and the passengers were still entering the bus but we could not see the MAN in the bus! Who was this MAN who just entered to give information about the purse, why should he come and sit near us, why should HE
ask us about the purse when there were so many passengers in the bus and where was the
MAN afterwards.......??????Now there was no place to make any assumptions or think anything more....we could only say that our GAJANAN MAHARAJ came to just tell
where our purse was! And ofcourse saved us from financial loss. Thus our Maharaj helps
us from time to time....sometimes he saves us from financial losses sometimes from physical injuries, or from any other calamities! Actually we had no time at that instance to even beg Maharaj for help but still HE was there to help us, we could not even thank HIM! Thus our Maharaj is really BHAKTAWATSAL....He always takes care of His children! Shri Gajanan! Jai Gajanan! GAN GAN GANAT BOTEY!

Sachin Savale
I was then not knowing about Gajanan maharaj , but their was one book in my house and I used to see it as it would attract me but I use to neglect it .One day my cousin came to my home - she was bhakt of shri gajanan maharaj - she told me one recent experience about her friend - concerned with maharaj. She had a friend who used to be some what ill always but she did not believe in Gajanan maharaj or basically "God". But her husband was a very god fearing man and used to do pooja for Hours together. One day it so happened that her illness increased and she was admitted to hospital and was told that it was only few chances of survival. She had seen photos of maharaj but never had belief or had faith in him. Once when she was admitted , it was early in the morning and she was thinking about her children that what about them after her, and suddenly she was seeing mist and fog smoky part near her bed . She was amazed to she that there was a man that she saw in the book i.e. it was swami Sadguru Gajanan maharaj , she just started staring and her eyes were full of tears. Then came a voice said " don’t worry you will be completely cured, its my word , but after you recover you should read my "POTHI". She told Maharaj that its not possible for me to read your "pothi" everyday - then maharaj told that read atleast one page she replied that" that was also not possible for me - " o.k." said the maharaj please read atleast one line each day atleast one line that too for me " she replied "o.k. I will read and suddenly Maharaj gave blessings and disappeared, and as no one thought that she will recover , but she recovered totally and joined her job and is now Gajanan Maharaj's bhakt. and reads his pothi.
Now I read pothi daily and I have become His devotee. !
Rahul Kulkarni - Ghantali, Thane (Narrated by Mother - Mrs. Deepa Kulkarni )
My son Rahul works in UK as an IT engineer and came down to India in Feb to get married. With three days remaining for his marriage , both Rahul and his fiance decided to do some shopping . When Rahul informed me of his intention , I tried to dissuade him as it was Amavasya day but he was firm on going , as he had committed to his would be. He drove our Fiat care out . Some 15-20 minutes later , he called me on the telephone and said " Mummy, our car is History " ! I did not understand what he meant and I asked him to explain. When he elaborated, my heart almost came into my mouth and I was speechless. I cried on the line " Forget the car, tell me where are you exactly and are you safe ? Tell me the truth, don't lie ! Say on Oath on me ! " I was desperate . I took my brother in law along and we rushed to the site .What we saw there would have made any one get convinced that there just cannot be any survivors after such a ghastly accident ! The car was mangled badly as it was crushed beyond recognition . The car was crushed and hit from both the rear as well as the front by trucks and it was sandwiched . My son who was at the wheel was absolutely safe inspite of this massive accident. Even the glass pane in front of his wheel was intact and rest every other part of the car was damaged and unrecognisable . It is still unbelievable that he survived such a bad accident without a hair being touched ! Who else could have saved my Rahul if Not My Gajanan Baba ? Mrs Kulkarni Near Ghantali Devi Mandir Thane - West
Shri H. S. Vekhande - G 14/21, North TT Nagar, Bhopal 3
I am over 70 years old today and I retired from Govt. service 13 years ago. The incident below happened during the Emergency period in 1975. I was employed in the Publicity dept. and in those days there were no computers and graphics. My job as an artist was to prepare publicity material. The Secretary to the Govt. of India , my boss, called me at 4.30 pm evening and asked me to urgently prepare some drawing and publicity material by next day morning , 6 AM, and deliver to the Govt. press. It was an impossible task and would have normally taken any artist atleast 18 hrs to complete the assignment flawlessly.When I informed my superior , he refused to agree and said " I don't care. It must be done. Or get prepared to get sacked ! " . In those days we were scared of losing our bread and butter and I got down to doing the job in office straight away. I had to carry the balance job at home as it was late evening , if I were to deliver to the Press at 6 am. I did so and carried on at home continuously being at the desk till 3-30 am. Only 50 % of the job was done till then . On my drawing desk were two photos of Shirdi Sai and Gajanan Baba. At 3-30 am I was totally famished and fell asleep on the desk itself without realising out of tiredness . At 6 am I got up with a jerk when the milkman arrived. Suddenly I remembered that the assignment was only 50 % complete. I was dead sure that I would lose my job as I had not completed the work ! I offered a silent prayer to Almighty and rechecked the desk and to my utter surprise the entire drawing and artistry was completed - 100 %. Who did that ? Did Gajanan Baba Himself come to save His devotee and complete the job for me ? I have no doubt about it. I do not like to mention this because not every one trusts and believes and it pains you, If one is to make fun out of this and hence I normally do not like to share my experiences.
Mrs. Suvarna V Basavanti, Block 2, Vishnu apts, Near Kasturba Market, Solapur
Since last year our entire family undertakes a pilgrimage to Shegaon on His pragat Divas. This year too, we all went to Shegaon . Once you are in this sansar, every one has some problem or the other and Maharaj knows it all. After taking darshan of the samadhi of Gurudev, we proceeded towards the place where Maharaj actually left His physical body - the Vitthal- Rukmini sanctum, near the dhuni. While I placed my Head on the lotus feet of Lord Vitthala, I could not control my emotions and tears rolled out of my eyes quite profusely. Immediately there was a tap on my back and I saw a 55-60 year old man telling me ( in marathi) " Lady, do not worry. Your worries will be solved by Baba " . As I was wiping my tears and and regain my equilibrium over my emotions , this person was nowhere to be seen ! It was just not possible for anyone to disappear like that in matter of seconds.I have no doubt that Maharaj HIMSELF came to bless His devotee. After we returned to Solapur, my husband got back some thing connected with his business which was eluding him for 14 years ! I consider all this to be His benevolence. Jay Gajanan.
Mrs Anuradha M Kadam, Kargav road, Chalisgaon
I visited Shegaon for the first time in 1975 not with any religious motive but because my other frriends from my vicinity were visiting the place. At that point of time, I had no devotion towards Shri Gajanan Maharaj. After finishing the darshan of the Samadhi, I purchased a cassette, by paying Rs.25/- for some devotional songs. Later, I came across the same cassette being sold by another shop keeper for Rs.10/-. I, out of anger & frustration, commented to my other colleagues "In this Sansthan you get cheated". Later, we went to the Rly. Station to buy a ticket for the return journey. I enquired as to what the fare was & paid the counter clerk more than the fare, since I did not have appropriate/ exact change. He returned me the balance amount, which I took without counting and boarded the train. After having boarded the train, I verified the ticket & the money returned & to my utter disbelief & surprise, I had received Rs.15/- more than what I should have received from the clerk. That night, I had a dream in which Shri Maharaj appeared & said "Did you get back your Rs.15/-, which you had paid extra for the cassette !?!" Since then I have been an ardent devotee of Shri Maharaj.
An amazing , unbelievable chamatkar at Akola :
( Narration by Shri Pradip Sharma,
Nandlal kripa, Radhe nagar Chowk, Anikut, Akola )
There is very devoted couple by the name of Mrs and Mr Manohar Deshpande staying on Gorakshan road , Akola. Both are extremely devoted and ardent devotees of Maharaj. Mrs Deshpande is the daughter of Mrs Laxmibai Kapre ,who established Maharaj's oldest temple in Nagpur in Dharampeth. Several local devotees throng the residence of Mr Deshpande on Thursdays and on occasion when there is suitable occasion concerning Maharaj. Mr Deshpande felt the desire to expand his house into the open vacant plot so that a larger no. of devotees can become comfortable. Contract was awarded and when the work was about to commence the contractors M./s Dehankar and Hirolkar put their hands up . This was on 5 June 2002. There was a mango tree which had an extremely huge honey comb bee hive on it. The contractor pointing to the bee hive, announced that unless the bee hive is removed , he would not commence the construction. The Deshpandes were concerned and anxious as to how they could solve the problem. That very night Shri Deshpande offered sincere prayers at the holy feet of Shri Gajanan Maharaj and applied the holy ashes or angara on the mango tree and once again prayed to Maharaj to help out and then retired to bed. Next morning the angara did the trick , and there was NO beehive ! No one knows how it vanished. Surrender at the Holy Feet surely rescues you.