Pothi Benefits


One Disappointments
Peace of Mind
Paying off Loans and outstandings
Starting a new venture
Two Difficulties to maintain ones family
Hunger pangs
Three If you have caused hurt to some one and feeling guilty.
If some one is critically ill and Drs. have given up hope.
Bad elements and parasites will go away.
Four Constant reading will mitigate sufferings
Five Water problems, thirst satiated.
Wealth will return if lost.
Positive Change in lifestyle will occur
Six Develop good reliable trustworthy friends
Helps you to recognise good and bad ones
Seven Vanity Pride Ego will disappear
Those keen for offspring should read
Eight Success in legal and Court cases
Egoistic people will gain by shedding ego
Nine Those having obstinate, rigid, mischievous elements around them
Mistakes made will be condoned
Likely to get Darshan of Maharaj in any form ( dream/ pratyaksha/ sagun roopa ) if age or disability prevents you from going to Shegaon
Ten Tame difficult and tough people
Mitigate sickness or diseases
Eleven Success in meeting challenges and goals, cross hurdles
Injustice will be resolved, justice restored
When in tight corner, you will be protected
As thanks giving when you are saved from disaster or accident
Twelve Good agri/ nursery/industrial output
Noble deed will be successful
Thirteen Cancerous , skin diseases
Floods/ typhoons in locality or area
Sankat ( problem) solving chapter
Fourteen If there is sudden loss of wealth
Protection from unforeseen calamities
Fifteen Achieve Fame recognition in your field, promotion
Get rid of temptations, lust
Those in search of jobs
Impatient people should read this for developing patience
Sixteen Fulfillment of noble desires
patients having Chronic migraine
Seventeen You will be freed from being wrongly accused
Ill effects of Black magic, jealousy
Eighteen Scandals not created by you willl be cleared
Applying teerth and Udi to affected parts with reading this will overcome health problems
Some may get darshan of Ishta devata
Nineteen Those single will find suitable match
Hardworking people will rise in careers
Those stuck in jobs and not rising
Twenty Success in Married life
Cover business losses
Illlnesses will be overcome
Twentyone For general peace of mind, happiness and contentment in life